Hamilton County has received grant funding through the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board to implement a bacteria reduction program designed to provide limited financial assistance for eligible property owners to repair or replace their existing septic systems which are not functioning properly. An improperly functioning septic system may release bacteria into the ground and surface water causing bacterial contamination and possible illnesses to both humans and animals.

The Leon, North Bosque, Cowhouse and Lampasas River Watersheds in Hamilton County all have elevated levels of E. coli bacteria. These bacteria impairments have drawn attention from state and federal environmental agencies such as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. These agencies will eventually implement additional regulations for all Hamilton County residents unless bacteria levels are lowered to meet state water quality standards.

The goal of this bacteria reduction and financial assistance program is to reduce bacteria levels in our local rivers, streams and tributaries.  By evaluating the existing septic systems in our county and providing limited financial assistance to eligible property owners to repair or replace faulty/failing systems, bacteria levels in our local surface water bodies should be reduced.